APC Back-UPS ES 850 VA
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Manufac. Part #: BE850M2
Item Number: 03330
Description: The APC Back-UPS BE850M2 (replaces the previous BE750G) provides instant battery power to your critical electronics when the power goes out, keeping you connected and available both personally and professionally. Designed specifically to enhance the features that matter most to you, including more runtime, more battery backup outlets, and two USB ports for charging convenience, the BE850M2 is also smaller and lighter than previous models. Additionally, the BE850M2 UPS offers guaranteed surge and lightning protection for attached devices. By connecting your valuable devices, you are ensuring these investments against potentially irreversible damage. When the power goes out, the APC BE850M2 will power critical devices including home networking equipment; allowing you to maintain your internet connection. This allows you to work productively, avoid the loss of valuable data, and safely shut down equipment. This BE850M2 includes PowerChute Personal Edition software which provides UPS management options, safe system shutdown, and energy monitoring to enable cost savings and prevent potential data corruption. The BE850M2 also offers nine surge protected outlets, six of which provide UPS battery backup, and a 450-watt/850 VA output power capacity.
  • Blackout: Stay available and connected by powering critical devices (computers, wireless networking devices,
  • Blackout Cont: gaming consoles, security systems and other electronics) during a blackout
  • Runtime: Up to 6 hours runtime
  • Outlets: 9 total outlets – 6 battery backup, and 3 surge only outlets
  • USB: 2 USB charging ports
  • Design: Smaller and lighter than previous models
  • Data: PowerChute software provides safe system shutdown, preventing potential data corruption
  • Gurantee: Guaranteed protection from surges and spikes caused by storms, lightning, circuit overloads, power c
  • Continued: Lifetime $75,000 equipment protection policy for all connected electronics
  • Certification: ENERGY STAR certified