Crossmatch EikonTouch 710 USB Fingerpint Reader
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Manufac. Part #: TCRF1CA6V6A0
Item Number: 60434
Description:The Eikon family of USB capacitive fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication. The patented technology reaches up into the ridges and valleys of the fingerprint to capture fine print details. The result is the ability to capture a wide range of fingerprints. The Digital ID Hardware Engine companion processor performs match-on-device and OTP generation in secure, dedicated hardware.
  • SteelCoat for durability
  • Small form factor
  • Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints
  • High quality fingerprint image
  • Ideally suited for desktop PC security, mobile PC security, custom applications
  • Type: Fingerprint Reader
  • Interface: USB
  • Weight: 2.61 oz