HP 250 G9 15.6" i5-1235G7 1.3GZ 16GB 512 SSD W11P-64
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Manufac. Part #: 7X9D2UT#ABA
Item Number: 63017
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7X9D2UT#ABA " Item # SKU Manufacturer Mfr. Part # Qty Description and Product Info Discount** Avail. Qty MSRP Ext MSRP Price Ext Price Comments 1 12AH35 HP INC. - SB NOTEBOOKS 7X9D2UT#ABA 5 "SMART BUY 250 G9 I5-1235U SYST 15.6IN 16GB 512GB W11 PRO64

Country of Origin: N/A Weight: 5.50 Dim Weight: 615.00" "Discount included in price: Type: T Amount: $43.37 Discount Expiration Date: 2023-07-31 Quantity Limit: - " 1131 $769.00 $3,845.00 $694.62 $3,473.10 Products / Services Total 5 $3,845.00 $3,473.10 Total $3,473.10